Young entrepreneurs are rapidly changing how our world works.

Will you join them?

Are you between 17 and 29 and have an exciting startup idea?

Bloom is a community of young people creating amazing things. 

We provide workshops, co-working space, mentoring and more to accelerate the growth of high-potential young entrepreneurs. 

Since 2015, we have led over 3,000 attendees through more than 100 skill-focused events, and our BloomLab co-working space at St Catherine's College in Perth, Western Australia is home to 50 young entrepreneurs and counting. 

If you have an idea, prototype or business and want to take it further with our support, apply now to become a Bloom member!


Meet Our Members

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Ella Ganfield

Founder, Gecko Steps

"Bloom has welcomed me into a great community of business people that have helped to guide me through my entrepreneurial journey. Bloom has been there for me all the way, pushing me on to create bigger and better things."


Sandra Johnston, Jani Song, Emmelyn Wu

Co-Founders, Yu Consultants

"We created Yu Consultants after competing in a startup consulting competition hosted by Bloom, and we have not looked back since. We never would have thought that, as students, we could start and run our own company!"

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