Bloom Curtin Ideation Workshop with the Founder of Petz Allowed!

Hi! It’s Chinyo and Justin and we are Bloom Curtin volunteers!


We are part of the Bloom Curtin community team and our role is to be Bloom Curtin’s first point of contact for its members as well as reaching out to students who are interested in our events!  


In this blog post, we’ll be reviewing the lessons we learnt at the Bloom Ideation workshop last Wednesday afternoon (22nd August) at the Makerspace in Curtin University. The Ideation Workshop was the first of its kind to take place in Curtin University and overall, it was a well-received event with over 20 attendees!


To put it simply, ideation is the process of bringing an idea to life and in our workshop, we got students to do exactly that! We helped students explore design thinking techniques and the processes used in ideation with the help of Ryan Carson, the CEO of Petz Allowed and a proud member of Bloom.


Petz Allowed is an online real estate listings portal that exclusively lists pet friendly properties across Australia. Petz Allowed is an innovative solution to breaking down the current barriers and difficulties pet owners have when finding good quality rental properties. Petz Allowed aims to increase rental housing availability for pet owners, whilst increasing animal adoption rates and decreasing the amount of euthanized rescue animals across the country.


Ryan also explained how the idea behind Petz Allowed was brought to life by practising the ideation process himself.


Here’s how he did it:


Step 1) Brainstorming: Ryan spent the first 3 months writing down a long list of ideas based on real world problems. In this stage, Ryan optimised for quantity over quality, which meant that he wrote down as many ideas as possible, regardless of whether they were good ideas or not.


Step 2) Elimination: Next, Ryan highlighted the ideas in which he felt has the most potential to work in the real world but most importantly, solves the problem in which he is most passionate about solving.


Step 3) Testing: Narrowing down from hundreds of ideas, Ryan finally chose the best idea and shared it with his friends to receive feedback. He also conducted a lot of market research,searching to validate the problem he was trying to solve.


Fast forward a year later, as a Bloom member, Ryan is now working on helping pet owners find rental properties to keep animals in loving homes and off the street.


“No idea is a bad idea. Begin with something in your life that has impacted you in a big way, a problem close to home is a great place to start. You already have an intimate knowledge of that problem, and you will have a greater motivation to take it to the lengths needed to succeed."

- Ryan Carson.


For me, I felt that these two quotes presented by Ryan were really inspiring for me because I always worry if my idea was perfect and often times, I feared facing obstacles that could jeopardise my entrepreneurship journey.


The take home message for me was that if you are passionate about solving a problem, no matter how tough it is to create the solution to that problem, the motivation and drive will help guide you through the tough times and eventually, you will succeed in achieving your life’s goal of solving the problem.


Amongst all that inspiration, delicious food and drinkswere provided as well (can’t go wrong with pizza)!