Humans of Bloom with Kenny Chen

In this edition of Humans of Bloom, we'll be interviewing Kenny Chen! Our beloved Vice President of Bloom UWA and the mastermind behind some of our best events this year!

What are you currently studying at uni?

I originally chose computer science as my second major, however as most of it can be learned online, I swapped after 1st year into Finance. I chose Electrical Engineering because of skills that can be learnt from hands-on building as well as the theory.

However, I don’t want to pursue an engineering-based career, but simply chose the degree to become equipped with the ability to build. I’m very interested in outer space related activities and applying what I have learned.

What made you want to join Bloom?

I have always fascinated by the thrill of entrepreneurship. I felt excitement when watching the movie ‘The Social Network’. The sense of creating something of your own, building your own wealth step-by-step is an inspiration for me.

What does it mean to be a part of Bloom?

I joined Bloom through the encouragement of Julian, then president, who informed me of Bloom which sparked my interest. I had the opportunity to attend a Pitch Night, and this encouraged me to become a Bloom volunteer. This opened up opportunities to join Enactus, WAUC, Consulting Society. I was then motivated by high-achievers to raise my own standards and to dream bigger than what I originally had.

This process was a ‘domino’ or ‘snowball’ effect where Bloom led to other exciting things. My mindset was changed about what one can achieve at university because at the time, I wasn’t thinking about exposure to people, clubs, culture. It made me realise that there is so much more out there that you can gain from university than just a degree.

What’s something you’ve learnt since joining Bloom?

The Bloom Lean Canvas. The motto ‘fake it till you make it’ has definitely been made apparent to me.

What made you interested in the startup scene/space?

I wasn’t aware of the start-up scene in Perth prior to joining Bloom. My interest in entrepreneurship and startups grew from watching movies such as Wolf of Wall Street.

What’s a message you would give to someone.

Get involved in the scene, not just with Bloom but Flux, Core, SpaceCubed, and other organisations which all host very valuable events that you should attend. Take up the chance to meet industry experts and individuals from interesting backgrounds.

Try to discover how you can use your university degree to grow  your career and the possibilities on offer to you.

The Kenny Chen, circa 2018.

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