Pitch Night March: What Went Down 👇

Hi everyone, Caitlyn here! 

I am a Bloom volunteer in the development team working to support and empower young volunteers in the university community. Since high school I’ve been heavily involved in volunteering and have an interest in business, especially in social enterprises. The ability to conduct business and make a profit, at the same time as helping the less fortunate and vulnerable, is just inspiring to me. 

I attended my first Bloom Pitch Night early last year and was amazed at the passion and ambition the pitchers had even though they were still young and still studying at university like me! Lucky for me, I was able to get involved with Bloom this year and have gotten the chance to meet more young entrepreneurs, their businesses and and the amazing stories behind them.


Bloom WA hosted our first Pitch Night event for the year on Friday 9th March, kicking off with 70+ Bloom community members, founders, university students and volunteers coming together at St Catherine’s College. A night designed to provide valuable networking opportunities, pitching tips, food, and drinks.


If you made to the event, and even if you didn’t, here’s a quick review of what went down!


Throughout the night we heard a number of amazing pitches about a variety of business ideas. From the college version of the bachelor to find your missing half to a not-for-profit organisation helping impoverished families in Sri Lanka. As you can see, an idea can come from virtually anywhere!


The Pitches

The evening began with an introduction from Bloom Team, followed by two outstanding pitches from:



Oaktree is an organisation made of young people leading a movement to end poverty. For them, change starts with a simple belief - that extreme poverty is unacceptable. Beliefs turn into action, and enough informed action will end extreme poverty in our lifetime. Oaktree is one of Australia's largest youth-run organisation with over 150,000 supporters. 



Rumblum is a convenient technology that takes documents and customises them with information provided. It takes data from over 1000+ different apps and turn that data into documents in seconds. 

Tips and Feedback from the Judges

On our judging panel, we had:

  • Ella Ganfield, CEO of Teach Learn Grow
  • Iain Cameron McIntyre, CEO of Humm.tech
  • Andrew Henson, Mechatronic Engineer at Humm.tech

Tips and observations from the judging panel that drew interest from the crowd included:

  • Make your slide deck well designed, coherent, clean, and easy to understand. Having to clarify your slides due to it being too text-heavy or messy can waste precious time, especially if you're on a time constraint, so keep it simple! Less is more.
  • Don't forget Pitch Night is a great way to attract the attention of potential investors or to get people involved with your start, so make sure you have an "ask" at the end of your pitch!
  • Everybody loves a good story. Try to engage the audience by including personal stories that are relevant and interesting, especially stories that help you explain why you're doing what you're doing.

Rapid Fire Pitches: Feat. Mic Drop 🔥🔥🔥

After our two pitchers went up, we surprised the audience by giving them an opportunity to pitch. The challenge for the audience was to pitch any idea with a time limit of 1 minute, with a grand prize of $50 up for grabs! The room instantly became lively and energetic, as the room lit up with chatter over business ideas. These are just a few of the crazy, but crazily genius, ideas that came out:

  • A virtual reality simulation for engineering students to find out what a real day is like as an engineer in different specialisations
  • An app that helps you focus and manage your time better instead of procrastinating by disabling distractions
  • Colleges are missing a localised dating service, a much needed, localised series of ‘The Bachelor’. Only needs Bachelors, Bachelorettes and money, of course!
  • Micro financing to empower families in a war-torn country through providing resources such as chickens and cows to start their own farming practices and help them earn their own money

Oh, and who could forget the most iconic moment from the night: the mic drop!

TLDR; inspiring pitches. amazing rapid-fire pitches. food. drinks.


If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in (or if you’re suffering from serious FOMO), don’t worry! 

Our next pitch night is on Friday, 20th April. Be sure to check our Facebook page for any updates and upcoming events!


Finally, thank you to everyone who came along and participated, it was great to kick off the new year with so many friendly startup community faces in the audience. We look forward to seeing you all soon at the next one.


About Bloom

Bloom is a community of young people creating amazing things. We provide workshops, co-working space, mentoring and more to accelerate the growth of high-potential young entrepreneurs. If you'd like to find out more, please email me at: caitlyn@bloom.org.au